Saturday, September 18, 2010

~ Obsessed for sure ~

How come I wasn't forewarned?! Oh my, this is totally addictive! Nope, I'm not talking about blogging, iphones, knitting, or jogging either. Hmm, although, jogging would be better for my health :) but this is the best thing for my spirit! So I'm good with it.... no wait , I'm great with it!! I love it, can you tell? :) Making miniatures is honestly so much fun. I had played with it all years ago and always collected miniatures too. But after 15 years of Designing big girl homes, I am so ready for this fascinating change! Ok enough about me, this is about YOU! Thank you for encouraging me to keep creative! I love you all! and yes, we have a winner to announce too! But first a few mini's I made this week :) .... everything below is handmade by me except the china tea pot and plate.

I loved doing this french bread board ( below ) and all the breads too!

I spent some time cleaning up the house too, oops I mean dollhouse :).....and below is the "before"...I took out all my cleaning stuff out and went to it! Ripping out wallpaper, painting furniture and distressing it, packing up shelves, scrubbing walls, and after all that, I even had time to bake 10 loaves of bread, and make 3 pieces of french pottery!! WOW. I'm so productive in this little world! I'm kinda liking that I can do so much to a house in one day :)

And even though I am no where near finished with the kitchen, here's what I was able to put back before I collapsed from exhaustion :) note: this is the same hutch as above, just some paint and a little wax and some distressing and it was done.

I'm loving this little world !!!

In the next few weeks I'll be opening an Etsy for all my designs and I hope you'll stop in now and then!! Thank you every one for all your wonderful friendship and Thank you to anyone new here too! I am so happy to meet you! Welcome to my home away from home :)

And yes, one more very important thing :) The winner of my give-away is.........Susan at Ash tree Cottage !.......Congratulations Susan!! Please email me your address so I can get your Royal Albert tea cup and saucer out to you :) I wish I could have sent you all one, Thank you so much for being a follower and for such sweet and encouraging comments too!

Wishing you all a beautiful fall week ahead! I'm off to make more minis :)

Much Love, Cynthia xo


Jaime said...

OMG, that has to be the cutest set up ever!

Congrats to Susan!

Michelle said...

Congrats Susan!!! Oh my goodness, those rolls and french bread! They look SO real! Okay now I'm starting to get into these miniatures. These are the best miniatures I have seen yet! Everything is so cute. I wish I couuld move right into the miniature cottage. Lol!

NanaDiana said...

Well, that is the cutest darned little thing I ever saw! Sooo much fun to come here and see it. I think I told you that the kids have an exact replica of their great grandmother's house? It makes me want to start on it and GO ALL OUT! However, I need one more addiction like I need a fourth eye! lol I guess I will be living vicariously through you! lucky girl! Hugs- Diana

AshTreeCottage said...

Hi Cynthia! I was so completely immersed in your darling miniatures that it took me a while to realize that I won your contest! Thank you so much! As a tea lover, I will cherish your tea cup. What a treasure. Thank you again!!

Susan and Bentley


Congrat's to the winner and I LOVE your new house...doll house and all the little things you have added to it!
Deb :)

Elyse said...


how adorable!!!

have i mentioned the "liberty biberty" blog? you will go bananas over the things that mercedes makes. and vice versa!

your petite villa could not be sweeter. so cynthia!!!

thinking of you, my friend



That is so utterly stinking cute!!! And those sweet miniature breads are making me hungry! lol..

You did a fantastic job on the hutch...sooo pretty and those little flour bags are adorable! Congrats to the winner. :) Hugs to you Cynthia.

Debbie @ said...

I can't stand it! This is sooo cute! Maybe you have found a new direction in life. Cynthia, I have found several litlte mini food items on sale for BIG prices! If this is something you like you might want to sell some of your adorable creations! I'm serious. Your bread is so cute (ha what a funny sentence!)
How about little cookies for Christmas? thoughts are a flutter!

Debbie @ said...

OK silly me I just read again where you are going to put some things in Etsy....I think this is great!