Thursday, September 23, 2010

~ Loving minis.. and my new little store ~

Hi everyone! I'm busy making minis again this week and it's been such a creative outlet for me! My head is spinning with new ideas and when I have a few minutes I'm daydreaming about what to create next. I've created a long list of items I want to make and I'm keeping a little journal about all the styles and colors I'd like to use and how I can help you decorate your miniature homes, room boxes etc. I've also found fun ways to use miniatures in every day decor too! It's never ending and so much fun! Thanks for coming on my little journey with me! Here's just a few pics of items I made this week...I'm working hard to stock the shelves of my Etsy store, and I've listed a few items already, so pop on over for a visit! There's also a link to it here on my side bar...

Sweet vanilla cakes with soft pink frosting and cream roses on top, and a bowl full of extra icing! The cakes stands are solid chrome with hand painted tops and made to be a replica of a french bakery cake stand. And of course with the first day of fall, I needed to get some apples and cream-ware baskets done too!

The bakery sign is already sold out, (below) but I am hurrying to make more. I loved creating bakery style labels on the glass canisters too. I want a big girl set for myself :)

There's more in my Etsy shop! Enjoy your weekend everyone! I'm back to the studio :) Thanks so much for visiting!!

Hugs, Cynthia xo


NanaDiana said...

Oh My Goodness! If I could stand one more addiction..outside of magazines, crafts, furniture and blogging...I would go for miniatures! I love EVERYTHING you have are soooo talented! Hugs- Diana

miniature dollhouse said...

It can be difficult to remember when looking at these photographs that actually you are seeing a miniature.